Mark Janzer

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Can the piano be improved? The layout of the piano keyboard predates significant musical advances, so we are playing with an instrument designed for a different era. I have made an alternative (Linear Isomorphic) Keyboard, and this site is the live, public experiment to discover if there is a better way to design the piano.

A vanilla JS library for creating sortable justified layouts. Originally a one-off solution for Monograph, we decided to share the love and make Tessarray open source. With inspiration from Dessandro's Flickity and the foundation of Flickr's Justified Layout, I wrote Tessarray with Dixon & Moe.

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It started as a research paper to answer the question: "What makes some rappers sound better than others?" The Rap Analysis Project is a tool for the transcription and analysis that helps you see, hear, and understand rap in a new way.

This beloved project is currently on hold, as I am spending most of my time on The Linear Isomorphic Keyboard.

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I am currently lead engineer at Dixon & Moe , a handful of trained architects, designers, and software developers who believe technology can be a motive force in architecture, engineering, construction. Since 2017 we have been working on Monograph Dashboard, project planning and time tracking software built for architects and engineers.
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